About Eriq Saule


Age: 22
Height: 210cm/6’9″
Job: SCH

He worked as a manservant for House Fortemps along with most of his family to make ends meet. He meets Rhel’wo and the rest of the gang when they reach Ishgard and decides to quit his job to join them on their adventures. While he may seem like a massive crybaby big softy at first, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and loved ones and will put his life on the line for them if the situation calls for it.


  • he has a crooked nose bridge after running headfirst into a bookshelf in the Fortemps manor and breaking it
  • he is a big crybaby who tears up at almost anything.
  • Eriq isnt actually blind, he only wears glasses to hide his crooked nose
  • he loves fish-based dishes
  • he has a strange fascination with ears and has a bad habit of massaging people’s ears. Especially likes Rhel’wo’s because of how soft and fluffy they feel to him (because of the fur)

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