About Rhel’wo Maimhov


Rhel’wo Maimhov (his other name is Kiht’a Polaali)

29 at the start of ARR, 31-32 in Heavensward


Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon

Place of birth:
East Shroud

His mother dying giving birth to him, Rhel’wo was adopted by his aunt as one of her own sons. At the tender age of 15, he ran away from home, disgusted by the idea of being locked in his own village to father and raise young for the rest of his life.
Although he swore himself off of ever having/raising kids, he ends up taking Ailbe under his wing over a decade later after the Calamity and while he won’t admit it, he considers Ailbe like a son despite the small age gap between the two.

The miqo’te’s indifferent/grumpy disposition tends to give most people the wrong idea when in reality he just doesn’t see the use of wasting energy on pointless gestures and small talk. Rhel’wo deeply cares for his friends and would do whatever it takes to keep them safe– nothing short losing a limb will stop him.
Sadly enough, that is how he gets put out of commission. He ends up losing use of his left leg because of a debilitating injury he gets when he storms the Vault with Ailbe, Dusty and Oktai.

Other Facts:

  • While he’s not a fan of socializing and prefers to be alone, he’s fond of busy places (like the Adventurer’s Guilds or taverns) and hates the thought of being truly alone/isolated.
  • Rhel’wo has a fondness for books and tends to have at least one on his person at all times. Don’t be surprised if you see him sitting somewhere completely enamored in a book he’s holding.
  • he is longsighted and needs glasses
  • he has a borderline fear of women; especially those of the miqo’te variety. Dusty is one of the rare exceptions; since when he first met her he didn’t initially see her as a “woman” because of how tall and muscular she was compared to him (much to Dusty’s dismay)
  • his cooking skills leave a lot to be desired and most of his attempts to make something usually end in failure. Try as he might to improve his abysmal skills, it never works.
  • He has a slight lisp, which both Eriq and Ailbe tease him about

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