drabbles or something

Sometimes I try drawing things and then cry because I can’t draw for shit atm

These are drabbles based on things I wanted to draw



The smell of baked onion soup wafting in the kitchen… the chatter of the markets in Limsa Lominsa… the sloshing of the waves below– all these images floated in Ailbe’s mind. They didn’t hold any significance in particular, just fond memories of his time living in the city by the sea. They were calming.

Unfortunately, they were cut short. A loud *thunk* noise ripped him from his dreamy state and dragged him back to reality. A quick glance around revealed that it was a certain someone’s cane, which had been resting against one of the pillars of the deck he was napping on, had topped over against the rocks surrounding said deck. The sound of metal hitting stone had been enough to drag him from his nap. The young midlander went to move, to move the cane somewhere safe and out of the way, only to find that he was unable to because of a weight against his shoulder he was suddenly aware of.

Resting upon his shoulder was one of his good friends, Rai.

Ailbe went to gently shake his raven-haired friend awake, but paused midway when he noticed the look of content on the smaller hyur’s face.
The sight made a small smile spread across the tanned midlander’s own face, and he turned back to rest his head against the pillar of the deck and closed his eyes. May as well enjoy the rest while I can, he thought as he drifted back off to sleep.




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