drabbledrabble #1

My net is down and I can’t play XIV so I guess I should start writing these short drabbles out lol


“Trouble sleepin’?”

Eriq shot up from his slouched position to see Ailbe resting against the doorframe with his arms loosely crossed. The ever so faint shadows under his eyes hinted he was in the same boat as the elezen.

“Something tells me that it is a mutual feeling.” A wry smile played on Eriq’s lips.

“Aye,” The midlander padded across the room and sat in the chair next to Eriq, looking onto the sleeping form in the bed before them. He knitted his brow in worry; they both did. Several moments of silence passed before Ailbe let out a quiet sigh and clapped his hand on Eriq’s shoulder. “He’ll pull through Eriq, don’t fret. Bastard is too stubborn to go out like this anyways.”

The young elezen couldn’t help but smile Ailbe’s comment. “Can’t argue with that.”


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